Girl Round The World

The Waterfall

On a cold crisp morning we woke up in our R.V out in the middle of nowhere. ( And when I say nowhere, its like we were the only people there… the rest were sheep! I mean lots of SHEEP!) But back to the story…  So we woke up in our cozy little R.V and our plan was to hike up to a waterfall and then drive back to civilization. So we got out of bed, got ready and Ella and I went outside to explore. When I hopped out of the R.V the air was nice and crisp. When I walked back to the R.V to get the camera, my dad looks out the window and says “Where’s Ella?” I look and Ella is nowhere to be seen. My dad jumps out of the R.V and starts calling her… my mom runs out and joins him, “ELLA!!!”
they scream. I come out and start to look.  My mom asks where I saw her last and I answer back “She was just walking down the main path” I say, as I point to the path. My dad starts to run down the path I follow shortly behind. I stop to see where my mom is.  When I turn around I see Ella holding my Dad’s hand and my dad talking to her. I hear my mom sigh (which means she’s not stressed anymore). When Ella and dad get back I realize that Ella was crying.  I asked dad what’s wrong and he answers, “She’s sad because she followed a sheep that got out and she wanted to help it get back in.” I tell mom what happened and she gives Ella a big hug. After that we decide to start our hike. We open the gate that leads to a small path leading to the waterfall.  It was so beautiful. Then it started to rain “oh boy, this was going to be a great hike, but its raining!”I thought to myself. As soon as I was about to say something about the rain– it just stopped. It was like a fifteen second rainfall! What the heck?! After that we started to walk a few minutes and then my mom shouted, “LOOK!!!” as she pointed to a rainbow! It was so pretty and it was a great start to our hike. Then we started to walk down the small path to the waterfall, there was some stairs so it wasn’t too hard. When we got to the waterfall it was so pretty. When we took out the cameras, the water splashed all over them! It was awesome!  I can’t wait to do it again!

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