Girl Round The World

Hot Pools


Once upon a time there was a family. Now this family discovered well lets not say discovered lets say heard  of these hot pools. So one day these family decide to go see if it was true. The family went to a place were a nice women tolled them about these hot pools she said that if you just dig for six minuets you will fined boiling water! she told them were it was and how the water is so hot they had to get freezing water from the lake and put it into the boiling water to cool it off! After that the family got there shovels and started on there way. They got to the the path were it led to the lake there was a gate that said DANGER on it but the family wasn’t afraid they kept on going. They walked along the path and saw moots that were bubbling and smoking it smelled terrible but they kept on going. They finally got to the beach/lake . They put there stuff down and got to work. Mom and Ariana took the pictures and video  Ella got a spoon that the mom brought and she started to dig her one little hole. Then theres the dad he dug the big hole were they all ended up sitting in and relaxing in. When the dad dug out some  of the sand and put his foot on the sand and yelled “OW! THE SAND BERNT ME!!”Ariana walked over and felt the sand. “He’s right its super hot” she says. After they dug and took pictures  and all they other stuff they got a bucket and started fill it up with freezing lake water and then they pored it in the boiling water. After that happened they hopped in “it felt so good’ Ariana said “I loved it” said mom “it was so cool that it came from the ground” dad answered  “it was awesome” Ella said. When the family got out they said they loved it and they wish they and come again.

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