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Ella’s birthday

Ella’s b-day
Happy birthday Ella! It’s Ella’s b-day today and my mom has planned a big day of surprise for Ella and I. When we first woke up my mom and dad lead us into this buffet for breakfast. They had every thing there from French toast to rice and beans they also had fresh fruit and juices. As my dad check us into the buffet and Ella and I ran over to a table and put our jackets on it then got a plate and stared to help our selfs. After the buffet we headed back to the room to get ready for the day ahead of us. Once we got ready we headed outside to go to the mysterious place. On the way Ella and I begged and pleaded my mom to tell us where we’re going but she kept her mouth shut. We got to a dock and now it was pretty obvious that were going on a boat but Ella and I were still clueless.” Ok ill tell you now” my mom said ” what is it?” Ella said ” We are going on a boat to go to a zoo” dad says “cool!” I say “also you take a gondola up to the top and then you walk down and see the animals!” Says my mom.”Awesome” we say. As we wait for the boat we get some snacks like 3 doughnut and some squid salad. We that up and then we see the boat coming up to the dock. We stood up and got into the line that takes you on the boat. Once we were on the boat we saw every thing like the Oprah house and the bridge and like the hole CITY!!! It was so pretty. We finally polled up to the dock and got out we walked up a ramp were the entrance to the zoo was. We give our tickets to the ticket lady and headed in. We walked up a few flights of stairs and then got in a gondola. It was so cool we saw elephants and all sorts of animals from there was we were off we heard over to the animals. We fist saw the kangaroos and they weren’t in a cage they were just sun bathing were ever they wanted. We also saw wallabies too and they weren’t in cages also they were just hoping around it was really cool. Then we went to the koalas to take some pictures with them, we couldn’t touch them but we got really close!!! They were Sssooo cute there was a mama and a baby the baby was named Charlie and he was Sssooo adorable! After that we went over to see the elephant it was crazy that got there just in time to see a lady train the elephant!!!! She said she has to do this 4 times a day every day!!! She also said that it isn’t the humans choices to make the elephants to circus tricks the elephant actually wants to do it! After we saw the elephant kick a rugby ball, stack 3 huge tractor tiers, and lift up a log that 6 men had to carry into his cage we headed over to the giraffes. After we saw the giraffes we headed over to the the big cats. On the way we stopped and looked a t a few other animals. Then we saw the snow leopard and the lions and also the tigers. It was a very fun day for all of us. After that we headed over to the boat were it would take us home.






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