Girl Round The World


I wake up as we go over a bump in the road. I look outside and all I see is pitch black and the only light I can see is the head lights of the car. I look at the driver that the hotel sent us Then I glance at my dad who had his eye on the road I look at my mom who was half asleep and half awake with my sister passed out on her lap. The car jiggled and wiggled as we drove slowly along a small road. My mom finally noticed that I was awake and said to me ” it’s bumpy right?” ” ya” I said. The silence continued for a few minuets. I thought about about tonight and how we got off the plane and got our luggage and trying to find the the driver then finding the driver and having to go to dinner and then trying to fall asleep in a car. It all seemed so tiering all of a sodden my dad started to talk I listen quietly until we got to the hotel. It was pitch black every were but the hotel was lit up. It was like Christmas clearing all the darkness away. The staff was there waiting to greet us and show us to our room. It was so magical and then right then I knew we would have a great time in Bali.


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