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Releasing sea turtles

Releasing sea turtles
One day when we were in Bali the manager of our hotel came to our room and asked us if we would like to release some baby sea turtles! Well of corse we said yes at 5 a clocked we headed over to the beach with the manager. We got the baby sea turtles and headed to the beach. There were five baby sea turtle in the bucket. On the way my mom explained what this lady does. So the lady we are going to meat she has this charity and she goes out and collects the turtle eggs and hatches them and rise them till its time for them to go into the ocean. The reason why she does this is because when the baby’s hatch on the beach then they try to get to sea but all the birds and crabs eat them before they reach the water. Also when there on the beach they can’t waist all there energy trying to get to the water because when there in the water that’s when the real challenge starts because they have to swim against the current and the big waves to get out to sea. Say if there 200 baby sea turtles and there trying to get to the water 100 of them will get ate by birds and crabs. Then the other hundred get in the water. But 75 of them get ate by big fish. So thing about it out of 200 baby sea turtles 25 of them grow up to be big. But this charity allows those 200 sea turtles to live! Ones we got on the beach we met the lady her name was Linda. Linda said Ella and I can release then my mom and dad can release one and the manager can release one. “So you put the baby on the sand and they’ll waddle out to sea” Linda said ” now why do you have to put them on the sand” my dad said. ” because when there older they’ll come back to the exact beach to lay there eggs” Linda answered. Ella and I got our turtles and named them each Ella’s was flipper and mine was summer. Then my mom and dad go there and there names were joy and king. The manager named hers sprig. After they left I felt great that we saved these little guys lives because there going extinct! It was a great experience!




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