Girl Round The World

The monkey forest

I have to say the monkey forest was one of my favorite places in Bali. It was really fun to see just wild monkeys running around! The monkeys were so smart like one time my mom and I watched a monkey take a lady’s purse and she had to give him a hole bunch of bananas to get her purse back. But the most funniest one of all is that my dad couldn’t get a monkey off his back. It was sssoooo funny! When we were leaving Ella still had one more banana so my mom ella and I went out to find that special monkey. ” this one” said Ella. Ella gave the monkey the banana then another monkey came. My mom noticed that the monkey had 2 shiny rocks and a peanut in its hand. The showed us the rocks and when we looked at them he’d pull them away! He was teasing us! Then my mom finally said ” hey what you got there?” The monkey looked strait at my mom and showed its teeth and hissed! Ella, my mom and i ran off scared but laughing at the same time. It was quite the show!



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